Friday, December 16, 2011

Space Egypt Final & Contact Sheets

Here are the final beauty shots of my Space Egyptian level. I ended up not being able to fix the lighting in the last shot (the bright light on the side of the building), but hopefully it looks a little better than before. It feels weird to still call this the "Alley Project" when we stopped calling it that after the first couple weeks, but I don't know what other title to give it |D

Below the beauty shots are my Contact Sheets for the things I modeled, but I plan to go back and re-take pictures of everything with UDK lighting, and fix up some things like the high poly-count for the scarab, as well as take better screenshots for the meat contact sheet. I'm still thinking over the design for the sheet itself, but I probably won't decide on one until I've made more for future projects.

I'm SO excited for next semester ;v;  There are a ton of awesome projects ahead, and I can't wait to get back to school and be super productive, haha. Especially excited for CHARACTER MODELING, YESSSS.

BTW, I'm going to keep updating this blog even though it was originally made for Game Design and the class is over. It's become my main blog since I haven't been doing much art besides Game Design and 3D stuff LOL so my other art blogs have become desolate. SO YES I'm here to stay, and I'll keep posting my projects and adventures throughout my time at Ringling 8)  TO FUN TIMES AHEAD, HOOOOO!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daemonibus Pictures

I finished and turned in my boardgame, Daemonibus, as well as the 15-second game commercial for it. They collected the games to grade over Winter break, so I'll take better photos of it once I get it back. For now, here's stuff from the finished game that I haven't shown yet.

15-Second Game Commercial

 Front and Back Covers

 Side panels (top and bottom lids)

Game-guide  and Game board

Cards  (If you can't read them, click to view, then right-click -> View Image  to open image full-size)



The pouches are for the Red and Blue pieces to be stored in, and the clear bag with the little roundish wooden pieces are tokens for pieces that land on the black Chance squares.

And for your entertainment, a compilation of extra clips for the commercial that were cut, set to epic music:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Level Set-dressing WIP

I never posted my props for the level we're working on in 3D because it's been a mad rush for everyone to finish them and make their levels |D  I actually just finished my props with all their fixes last night, as did everyone else because everyone had to keep making a lot of fixes to them like creating light-maps (which allow an object to be lit properly) and fixing hosts of other issues. Across both classes there have been a ton of problems and technical issues, partly because this year we were super rushed and apparently weren't given nearly as much time as last year had to work on their maps. Our class has had less than a week to put it all together for the big deadline that was today, and the other class had 5 days more than us 8\  We've been juggling this along with our boardgame project and other deadlines for Game Design (such as the One New Thing project and game commercials we have to make, film, and animate in Flash), as well as our other classes, so it's been really hectic and intense for all the sophomore GAD's. Since we were given so much less time the teachers told us to only focus on a portion of our levels instead of trying to finish the entire thing, and work for the highest quality instead of quantity.

SO here are some work-in-progress shots of my level. Everything is pretty much set-dressed, but the lighting needs a lot of work. A bunch of objects still don't have light-maps on them so the lighting isn't working for them, and then there are some issues with scale I have to fix (since everyone's stuff was a different scale to begin with) and some things I accidentally left too big. The mountain terrain in the background is going to be fixed up and have a different texture, and there are just... a whole ton of other things I have to do before it's done haha |D  I'll post my final props next week along with finished screenshots and a cinematic of my level 8)  Final week of crunch-time HOOOO!

Note - The lighting was rebuilt for the last screenshot, but I didn't have time to re-take the screenshots of the other two with the updated lighting.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

All the Rest of the Pieces

So I was pretty much up for 4 days straight working on my boardgame before it was due, because before that I had been working on getting my props done for 3D for that deadline which had been earlier that week. We still get two more weeks (until the end of the semester) to fix up our boardgame, so I'll post pictures of it once it's all done 8)  Here are all the rest of the characters I illustrated for the boardgame pieces. I used the colored versions in-game, but like the original gray versions better overall. Each one took from 30 minutes to 5 hours, but hopefully you can't tell which ones I was running out of steam on, haha.