Saturday, November 26, 2011

All the Rest of the Pieces

So I was pretty much up for 4 days straight working on my boardgame before it was due, because before that I had been working on getting my props done for 3D for that deadline which had been earlier that week. We still get two more weeks (until the end of the semester) to fix up our boardgame, so I'll post pictures of it once it's all done 8)  Here are all the rest of the characters I illustrated for the boardgame pieces. I used the colored versions in-game, but like the original gray versions better overall. Each one took from 30 minutes to 5 hours, but hopefully you can't tell which ones I was running out of steam on, haha.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some Game Pieces

As a name for my game I originally thought of Monstratego because monster in Latin is "monstra," and because it just fits so well with Stratego, but now I'm thinking of Daemonibus ("demons" in Latin), because I want to depart from Stratego's name to make it its own game. I want to stick to Latin roots for the name because I like to imagine this underworld as having some qualities of Dante's Inferno hell with Nine Circles, which would account for the different demon's Ranks.

Here's the layout of the game-board. I'm gonna draw a terrain map to be overlayed on it, and the red and blue sections are going to have all the character illustrations lined up in Rank order. The brown spaces are "muddy" areas where pieces can only move one space at a time (as opposed to two) and the gray spaces are where Chance events happen (the player draws a story-event card).

I'm still having trouble deciding what color the sides should be, because some pieces just look a lot better in the opposing color 8(  But I actually like the original gray versions of each piece best, before they're colored |D  I got some test pieces laser-cut in plastic earlier today, but I need to go back on Friday to get them all done.

Rough of the game guide booklet:

Everything's slowly coming together, but I still have a WHOLE lot to do. I'm excited to see how it turns out, and to see everyone else's games!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boardgame Pieces

So last Game Design class we were told to start on the "scariest thing," the thing we're most intimidated to do for our boardgames. For me and most other people, it was the game pieces, because people have a lot to make and they're all different from one another. The main methods most people are trying are 3D printing, which can be done at a few places around the state/country but vary in price, how long it takes, and technicality, or sculpting with Super Sculpey and then baking and painting them and making molds for duplicating multiple pieces. I tried the former, because my pieces are fairly simple and I only need 2 different kinds (one for each side).

I just wanted to sculpt the rough shape, size, and proportions of the pieces, so these aren't the finals I've planned out. The box was made out of paper and plastic (cut from the cover of a pack of water bottles, lol) to store them in for class, because the paint never dried and was still sticky. The 3D labs were apparently closed yesterday and the day before, which is why I didn't get to bake them and they were still rubbery 8\  I used a quick symbol from a sketchbook page (when designing the final pieces) for the cover of the box just to give it a design element. Also regarding the pieces, the ears and horns are for tokens, and the back side of each piece will have an engraving of the final "demon symbol" on it.

Here's a picture I did for the Rank 4 piece:

Even though I had previously decided that I wanted the hairy monsters to be on the red team and the goblins to be on the blue team - because it just felt like their natural colors - after this I realized that for readability, the hairy monsters should really be blue. I think I'm going to just do upper-body busts for each character because the stickers with the character illustrations are going to be pretty small, so a full-body would be hard to see.

For next class I'm gonna do more character illustrations and hopefully have my game pieces cut out of wood, and then I'm gonna make a mold of them to cast all sixty pieces in plastic. Gonna be fun! 8]

Monday, November 7, 2011

Boardgame Cover WIP

We're officially into the Fabrication of our games 8)  I was going to wait until I was done with the boardgame cover before I posted it, but it's been awhile since I posted and I don't think I'll finish it this weekend, so here's a work-in-progress from when we presented our concept piece to the class:

I still have a ton of things to add and change. ...And I have no idea how some of the blues ended up so saturated, it just ended up that way when I saved it, lol. I'm also working on modeling the game pieces for the game right now and painting up each of the character's pictures (they're going to be printed on a sticker that goes on the piece). We each made a schedule for ourselves to ensure that we have our game created within 3 weeks, so now's crunch time and everyone's stressing. I'm just excited though, haha |D

Also, I've completely finished my modular kit (building pieces) for the Space Egyptian level, and I'm almost done modelling everything else for my prop package, which is mainly the market stall kit and various things to go with it. Now I'm just working on the fruits and alien meats, and then I just have to do a twisty-glowing tree! I'll post screenshots soon 8)