Monday, January 30, 2012

Multiplayer Level

The next part of our Multiplayer Level project in Game Design was to find an interesting location in Sarasota that we would model for a 7-person multiplayer map. I chose this grungy, long back-alley along Main Street that I thought was really cool because it has the backs of all these nice restaurants, but they're all beat up and trashy on this side. There's boarded-up windows, graffiti, inlets with pipes and vents, the back of an open-faced parking garage, and you can peer into the back kitchens of all the buildings. The main pathways of the level will be the alley, but players will fight and navigate through all the buildings as well, which will be connected.



Here are some quick sketches of the place:

I just finished modeling the gray-box (blocking in everything in geometric shapes) for this map, so I'll post that next time, as well as the "mouse-trap" contraption level I'm doing for Programming.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Final Character Turn-around

Here's my final revised character for 3D. The only iffy thing I may still change is the pendant on her corset under the sash, but I think pretty much everything else will stay the same.

We started learning ZBrush and after struggling a bit, I'm starting to get used to the backwards, unintuitive interface. We're working on the anatomy sculpt (nude body sculpt) right now, and then will model the clothes and everything else on top afterwards.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

3D Character Concepts

I really wish we got more drawing assignments ;_;  I adore making characters, and I loved drawing out concepts for both of these characters, but I felt like we didn't get enough time. I would've loved to stay in this concept stage for at least another class period, since it's the most important stage of them all, and I think it would've benefited a whole lot of people since we really didn't get much time for iteration 8\

My first concept, though not "what I wanted to be when I was a kid," was just something I came up with that wasn't as generic as a medieval fantasy warrior, which was my main character concept based on the theme. Here are the sketches for the first concept, a 1700's female assassin dressed in Rococo/Baroque-style dresses. She conceals her weapons within her clothing's drapes and gets close to her target, flirting with them so they drop their guard before she suggests a secluded area, or is brought back to their house, where she assassinates them. There she slips out undetected, deceptively appearing as any ordinary high-class lady would, and gets off clean.

Examples of 1700's Rococo/Baroque dresses:

I really want to play with this character more because I knocked the idea before finalizing it, and do some actual character sketches of her. But that'll be on my own time I guess, haha.

Here are the concepts for my main idea, the medieval fantasy character whose profession I played around with (I made up so many fantasy characters for stories back in the day). If you can't read the writing, the professions are Chemist, Warrior/Explorer, Assassin/Explorer, Spell-caster, Messenger, and Astronomist.

I struggled with indecisiveness for awhile on which one to go with, especially because I have stories that could go with each character, and everyone I asked for opinions liked different ones. In the end I went with a combination of the Messenger and the Assassin's professions, but with the Assassin's outfit. Here's my turn-around WIP, which I still plan on revising. I'll post the final character turn-around when it's done 8)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Second Semester Begins

This semester kicked off so fast, it's hard to believe we've already been back for two weeks. From the first day of classes we dove in head first.

In 3D for Games we immediately began deciding on some concepts for our characters based on the loose idea "What you wanted to be when you grew up." We'll be working on modeling our characters in ZBrush and Maya, rigging, and animating them for the rest of the semester. I had two main ideas - a medieval fantasy explorer/warrior, and a female 1700's Rococo Assassin - that I sketched out variations for and compiled research and images, and then decided on one and created the character design/turn-around/bio for our presentation. I don't have the sketches for my second concept scanned though, so I'm going to make a new post on the entire character assignment once I do that 8)  Next class we have to have our basic anatomy sculpt done for our character in ZBrush already, I'm so excited.

In Game Design II we each chose a Multiplayer map that we had a powerful experience on and had to analyze it in-depth, including drawing a detailed map from playing throughs, and do a presentation on all our information to the class. I chose the map cp_Badlands from Team Fortress 2, since it's probably my favorite map in the game, especially to play Scout on. Here are some of the images from my presentation:

I explained the map, classes, and gameplay strategies throughout the presentation, hence all the images and minimal text. Cooksey loved it, I was SO happy ;v;  I'm so psyched that I have him as a teacher again, he's one of my most favorite teachers ever. Our next assignment now is to study a real-world environment off-campus that we're going to base multiplayer levels on for 7-person maps. I love all the assignments in this class (B

Programming ended up not really being programming as much as Scripting. We've been learning how to do Scripting in UDK with Kismet, and it's been tough to pick up on. The more I learn the easier it's getting, but each "pop quiz" we get in class, a timed script-making challenge, has been really frustrating, and only one or two people seem to be getting things to actually work when the time's up at the end of the challenge. Kismet and the whole process just seems unnecessarily convoluted and unintuitive, but hopefully that feeling will go away after using it for awhile. Here are the first couple simple things we Scripted in Kismet:

Our first challenge was to make a level based off of the spike-trap room in Indiana Jones ( with a start room, a proximity door that leads to a trap room and closes behind the player to trap them, the trap room with a spiked ceiling that drops down (killing the player if the spikes touch them), an escape door with a switch to open it, and dramatic lighting and sounds. I made a quick video of how my map turned out:

Next time I'll try recording the video in Fraps so it has sound and better quality.
But YEAH everything I'm doing is so fun, I love this semester so far 8)  I'll make another post soon on my character designs!