Saturday, February 25, 2012

Platformer + Final Character Sculpt

Final high-poly character sculpt before I start doing the topography in 3D Coat and decimating it for the low-poly model that I'll use in my Platformer:

I think I'm gonna change her name to either Ayla Sortwind (Ayla pronounced Ay-luh) or Ayra SinClaire (Ayra pronounced eye-ruh) because the previous name was just supposed to be temporary.

Also, we pitched our Platformer concepts and levels in Game Design. Mine revolves around my character, so it takes place in a medieval fantasy world. The story is that you play as the character above (Ayla/Arya), an undercover Assassin who received missions from the King's high general. She was ordered to assassinate a good friend of hers for a crime he committed, but upon refusing to carry out the order, is threatened with death. She kills the high general in order to escape, and makes way for the nearest port to sail for another country where she'll be safe from the King's jurisdiction. That's where the game picks up; the player makes their way through this platformer forest (the branches being the platforms) to the port city, where the boss fight will occur with the King and his forces prepared to capture you. As the player navigates the forest they are confronted with various puzzles, but have to solve them with speed and efficiency, because if you take too long some enemies will catch up to you and you'll have to kill them in order to survive. Overall I want the feel to be really fast-paced, fun, and fluid.

The main mechanics are jumping, pushing/pulling objects to reach higher platforms, swinging, speed pick-ups, falling objects (environment obstacles), repelling, bouncing on giant mushrooms, and shooting with her crossbow.

Here's a simple draft of my tutorial level (the first level), the yellow path being just one of many the player can choose to take:

Right now we're blocking in our levels in UDK and getting the mechanics to work 8)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Character Update

Almost done!

Still gotta finish the blade on her back and fix the position as well as fix up a few other smaller things, but the sculpt is almost finished 8)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Character Modeling WIPs

My model's progress from a few days ago:

And then progress as of today, about 85% done with everything:

I just blocked in the colors to make sure they still looked okay in 3D, but I didn't color everything (we're not even doing the colors until we texture/do materials), and I still haven't touched the hands in awhile or done the hair yet. The face is almost done though, but the head is a little small right now, haha. I have a bunch of little fixes to make, but I'm on-schedule for having her done by Monday :)

We also pitched our Platformer ideas today in Game Design class, so you'll be seeing stuff on that soon. I'm so excited to see everyone's Platformers, especially with our characters in them, it's going to be so awesome (B

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Final Contraption + Multiplayer Map

I finished some stuff last week that I never posted. Here's my final Rube Goldberg contraption:

And this is my final death-match multiplayer map for Game Design based on the back alley, but with modifications. We were just focusing on level design, so we didn't set-dress/texture anything. The geometric shapes are all stand-ins for objects populating the level such as buildings, cars, dumpsters, and mechanical things. Level design is so much fun ;v;

Parking Garage:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Character Progress

Progress! I'm about 3/4's of the way done detailing the clothes, but I still  have to remake the corset's skirt. It's been the biggest pain, I can't wait until it's re-done and I don't have to deal with this messed-up one anymore |D  The face and hands will come after I'm all done detailing 8)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zbrush Character Sculpting

Getting used to ZBrush's interface was super frustrating at first, but once you get to know it better the modeling is really fun 8)  About a week ago we sculpted our character's base anatomy in ZBrush, and this week we have to have the clothes all modeled. I haven't really worked on the face and the anatomy needs more detailing, but here are some progress shots:

The clothes are almost done except for the boots and vambraces, and ridges/details on everything else. I did something wrong with my base anatomy model and it had multiple faces within each other, so extruding the faces from it to model everything else has been a massive pain. Despite the set-backs, modeling is still so much fun qvq  I definitely want to do more character modeling in the future and work with ZBrush a lot more. We're test-rigging right now and painting weights, but it's tedious and I don't think I like it much |D  We're going so fast, it's crazy to imagine where we were just a few months ago in comparison to now. I can't wait for all the projects in the next few months 8)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rube Goldberg Contraption

Here's my work-in-progress Rube Goldberg contraption we've been working on in Programming:


It's annoying that every single time you play through everything happens differently, so sometimes some parts work and other times they don't 8\  I have to fix how the lift moves among other things, but it's pretty much done.

Kismet lol.

Friday, February 3, 2012


 The last week and a half has felt like crunch-time even though we're nowhere near break. We've had constant, huge ongoing project deadlines due almost every day between 3D, Game Design, and Programming, nevermind our other classes. I haven't had the time to really take screenshots and videos of all my stuff yet. Here's my modified Multiplayer Map, still a work in progress.