Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lowpoly Character

The whole process of making a character model is tons of fun and really rewarding, but decimating the high-poly model into a low-poly was kind of painful. I really like texturing, re-topoing, and UVing, but it was still sad to watch everyone's high-poly characters lose quality. Here are some process shots of the high-poly to low-poly process:

And my final Lowpoly Model:

 Also, for Game Design I pitched a One-page Design document for my Platformer, including the boss battle:

I don't want to go into too much detail regarding the specifics and give it all away, since it will be playable and I'll need a lot of people to play-test it in the coming weeks 8>  All of my Game Art classes are finally coming together to focus on the platformer project in different ways, and I'm so excited to see how everyone's turns out ;v;

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mood Ripomatic + WIP

   Have I mentioned how much I love my Game Design II class?
Our first assignment back from spring break was to make a Mood Ripomatic video that would capture the emotions and gameplay experience that we want to generate in our platformers. Since my game revolves around a renegade assassin running from the empire and being chased through the forest as she escapes to the port city to flee the country, I wanted to start where the game starts - having momentarily lost her pursuers, she finds herself navigating through a tranquil, beautiful forest - before the chase begins.

The main thing I wanted to convey was a sense of intense forward motion as you're being pursued, the building forces of danger and determination driving you to go faster in order to escape.

Outside of class I've also been working a little on an illustration of my character. I wasn't planning on posting it until I was done, but since I might end up using it in some way for the platformer, I thought I would show some process.

Works in progress:

 I'm still planning to paint a forest background and re-paint over her, and fix the wonkiness of her anatomy.
I'll also have some screenshots of my low-poly character model next time 8)  We're baking normals and texturing/painting/adding materials, so I'll show some of that.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Game Menu

It's already spring break! I finished my low-poly model (no screenshots yet, though), and here's a game menu I made for Programming class. It loads all the challenges I've done in the class, and as I finish more challenges I'll add them to the menu so they can be opened through here from now on. The background image in the main menu is from my Space Egypt map, and the loading screen is a picture of Ringling's Student Center deck. I mostly made it with Flash, Premiere, and UDK.