Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crybringer + Explodies

Ayra's crossbow is all set up in UDK and working now 8)  Here's what it looks like in the mesh editor, with the stylized post-processing on it from my Platformer applied:

Also, I finally got a video of the little Programming challenges from a month ago, which include exploding fruit, an exploding crate, and collectibles. Fraps got a little jittery at the end though, lol.

And here's a screenshot of the trees/branches I modeled for my forest. It's a mix-and-match modular kit. I didn't want to have obvious repeating assets, so I went a bit overboard |D  It took almost all day to export them into UDK, but I have the most epic tree package now and... hopefully.. never have to model trees again (lol sadface but I know I will).

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weapons and Animations

I haven't updated in awhile! I can't believe there's only two weeks left; this year has flown by, and yet when I look back to the beginning of the year and everything that we've learned it seems like forever ago. Tomorrow is Accepted Students' Day and all the kids and their families have swarmed the campus, either deciding whether they want to attend here next year or visiting their choice school. All the student end-of-the-year galleries have opened now too, along with Best of Ringling, which my board-game Daemonibus got into 8) The theses this year look awesome, I can't wait to see them all on the big screen for the thesis show.

I modeled, textured, and put the weapon for my character into UDK, so here are some of my Crossbow weapon concepts for Ayra:

And the one-page design of the final:

 I'm going to re-do the textures, so here's just the model for now:

We're going to customize our weapons with particles, animations, sounds, and other stuff as well, which comes next.

Also, here's a short video of Ayra's idling animation in Maya. Since she's being chased and is constantly on the move, she gets pretty antsy.

I'll get some of the old Programming stuff up soon that I've mentioned before. Eventually, lol.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Model Sheets + Weight Painting

I never posted finished versions of my model's headshots, so here they are along with a low-poly wireframe/maps sheet. I've been working on weight painting before we start animating our characters. Importing our models into UDK and using the default animations makes them go haywire before weight painting, it's hilarious. I want to take a video of it, lol. Anyway, here are some sheets!

Some weight painting process. There are so many layers for each object p_p

I haven't posted Programming stuff in awhile because I really need to make a video to show what I've been doing. I'll make a big post on that soon! Also, my Platformer is kind of a secret for play-testing, but I'll post bits of it along the way 8)