Monday, August 27, 2012

Junior Year Begins

So I never made a final post at the end of sophomore year showing off my finished Platformer and everything I made, mostly because the crunch was crazy and then I had to ship my computer back home for the summer and didn't get it for a couple weeks 8U  Over the summer I fixed up some things I didn't have time to do before turning in my final assignments, but there were still some areas that I didn't get to finish set-dressing the way I wanted, so I never made a final game-play video. Maybe I'll post screenshots some time, but now that Junior year has started I've just been thinking ahead to all the awesome projects we have this year.

This semester my classes are 3D with Marty, Drawing for Game Art/Animators (known as DFA) with Jason Bennett, Game Design with Cooksey, and then Figure Drawing, and American Creativity.

For 3D our first assignment is a quick one, a modular kit we each have to make with around 5-7 assets. Everyone pitched 3 ideas and Marty chose the one he thought had the most potential. I pitched a haunted wax factory (which was my favorite), a coral reef, and a Victorian castle, and Marty picked the coral reef.

We were only supposed to have 2 weeks (4 classes) for this assignment, but only 4 days into school a hurricane came in and everyone at Ringling has been evacuated 8U  I'm actually at my roommate's house in Wellington, FL right now, and even though the school just announced that they opened back up a couple hours ago, (but classes are still canceled until Wednesday) most people are trapped at home because of the flooding, including us 8\  But yeah, I'll post progress of my coral reef modular kit once I get back 8)

For Game Design we're doing an assignment called "What Happened Here" where we also pitched 3 places and had one chosen by Cooksey that we would make 2 panoramic paintings of, one of the location 10 years after an apocalyptic disaster when everyone's gone, and another painting of 100 years later when people are starting to come back. My place ended up being Varanasi, India, and my assigned disaster is pollution. Here's what Varanasi looks like:

Thennn in DFA we're creating characters through different methods. We did a page of 100 abstract silhouettes, another page of 50 abstract scribbles, and another page of 50 textures with abstract shapes. For all of them we're going to draw out our favorite characters we see in the shapes. I haven't drawn out the characters on them yet, but here are my sheets with silhouettes and scribbles:

So many creatures 8U  I'm really happy with the silhouettes, making them has been super fun and a really easy way to generate characters with interesting shapes. I'll post the finished draw-overs of everything soon, and there'll be more updates to come for everything else 8)  Here's to an awesome junior year!