Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mostly Realistic, Some Fantastic

Realistic Reveal, about halfway done now. Two weeks down and two weeks to go. Here's an overhead view of the environment that I drew at the very beginning of the project, which has since changed a bit. Melanie is doing everything from the street-facing side of Drake's orange building to the left, and I'm doing everything from the face of his building (with the white balcony) to the right, so the map is about split in half between us, and then Eli has the inside of Drake's flat.

I have almost all my models done and I'm about to start on textures - from these shots the only things with semi-final textures are the street cobblestone and ground brick in the square. Surface materials are just general block-in colors at this point.

The models I've made so far, still need to make more:

The basic block-out for my Hero Asset, a horse carriage:

Then for DFA we're still fleshing out our Fantastic environments. I did two paintings of the world, one of an exterior space near the factory building Melanie and I had decided on, and one of the inside of the building looking down over the machine room space we were planning to do.

But then we decided to scrap that and change our environment - it's still going to be inside the factory, but instead of doing a big, open factory machine room with the fancy upper-class lounge and balcony room above it, we're doing the evil executive boss' office room (Melanie's room, on the left in below image) and the adjoining meeting room, which are still within the factory. The factory builds machines that keep the people in order for these power-hungry political figures, so my hero asset that'll be on the platform in the middle of the meeting room will be some kind of Steampunk machine/weapon.

Blocked out both rooms in 3D, then took screenshots of mine trying to find the best composition for a production painting to explain the space. I'm gonna go with the bottom right, so you'll see a painting of the room next time.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Biome, Fantastic, and Realistic

 I finished the Biome project in 3D last week:

 I really wanted to vertex-paint moss on those rocks and I'm not happy with the far background with the awkward stick trees; I had placed them with the foliage tool and then it crashed UDK and wouldn't let me edit them without crashing again, so I had to leave it as-is until I find a way around it. Planning to fix these things and others like the water movement/rapids, so consider this a WIP.

Here's my 1-minute Steampunk culture montage for Game Design:

And a bunch of quick thumbnails figuring out ideas for the Dishonored Fantastic environment in DFA:

As well as some WIP value studies:

So the biggest project right now is that we've started the Realistic Reveal environments c8  I'm so freaking excited, I love everything about this project. I'm working in a team with Melanie Morillo and Eli Allen on an Uncharted 3 inspired environment. We decided to do Nathan Drake's bachelor pad (since it's never been seen or referenced in the games before) and made it in Cartagena, Colombia, but it'll have some visual aspects of Morocco and Casablanca. Mel and I are doing the exterior environment outside Drake's second-floor apartment, and Eli is doing the interior, which will be connected by a walk-out balcony. We're in the 3D block-out/planning phase, but the exterior will be something like below.

 Team Henley ACTIVATE.