Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lowpoly Boss & Final Projects

I finished my Boss character's lowpoly, and rigged him for animation.

His WIP high-poly sculpt:

Final lowpoly contact sheet:

Planning to re-do this turn-around with his ornaments on him.

Here are some other final projects I had in 3D - a Robert Downey Jr. caricature bust, and a quick griffon teapot sculpt I did for practice. 3D really fell by the wayside this semester with Pre-Pro for Thesis and DFA, since my thesis is the main thing I'll be working on all next year. I'm excited for it 8D I'll post a bit more about my thesis project later, but most of it has to be kept secret until it's finished.

WIP Sculpt:
I finished the textures for him in a couple hours, not very satisfied with it, but maybe I'll come back to it another day.