Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Character Art

Been taking a little break from my 3D environments to work on more digital 2D art. I have a huge list of characters I want to design and concepts to paint, and I really want to update and fill out the 2D part of my portfolio. So to start off, here's my most recent character design I made based off an old silhouette doodle (in the corner).

Her name's Caedrin, and she's a half-dragon upper ranking warrior. Her armor is made from nature materials, but it's mostly decorative because with tough dragon skin you don't really need armor anyways.

I made a few alternate color designs for her armor:

This was the sketch:

And something totally different, here's a sketch commission I did of Riki back-stabbing Tidehunter from Dota 2. It's more gory than I normally do, but that's what the commissioner wanted.

More stuff coming soon!