Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beast's Room (WIP 2) and Other Stuffs

New update on the environment, I have most of the texturing done. Some of it is still first-pass textures, but the overall look will stay the same. I'm going to fix up the wallpaper, paint more ornamental details into the wood of the bed, dresser, and couches, as well as the edge of the marble table. Besides that, some fixes here and there and it's done!

Also I noticed the glass shader is refracting too much, for some reason it shows up really warped and doubles whatever is behind it only in the screenshots, not in-engine.

 Wood floor-board texture

I also made another building for Cities Skylines. It's called "Pepper's" based off of Chili's restaurants, and it's on the Steam Workshop.

 Final in-game screenshot (Cities Skylines)

 Here's where you can see all my mod stuffs on my website:

And lastly, a Piccolo I made for my friend on her birthday 8P

Monday, May 4, 2015

Beast's Room Environment (WIP)

I've been wanting to do a slightly more stylized environment than I normally do and practice more with a hand-painted style, so I started making this scene, Beast's Room (inspired from Beauty and the Beast). I'm making the environment my own, but still using some general elements like mood and some architecture concepts from the Disney film.

Haven't textured or UV'd the models yet, but did a first-pass on the lighting.

I still want to add open double-doors leading to a balcony on the far wall behind the rose table where the big marble panel is. Gonna start figuring out how stylized I want my painted textures to be, and after that may have to adjust some shapes and proportions on my models to make them feel more cartoony, if the texturing calls for it. I've been pretty excited for this environment, I love Beauty and the Beast 8D